Clients I have worked with

Meagan S. & Nichelle F. - CANADA

We started out with Kat Wildling as a part of a small package that we won through an Instagram promo. We are a same-sex female couple and wanted some help with communication and simply keeping the fire alive.

Kat is amazingly approachable, sincere, and reliable. We think she is literally the best!

We have since continued our sessions with Kat since we find that we learn SO much in our video sessions and through the “Homeplay”; We communicate WAY better, we are able to understand each other better, and we now have tools to keep the desire alive. Kat Wildling has made our relationship not only stronger but more deeply connected.

We are given thought-out sessions, with readings [recommended reading] and Homeplay. The coaching has helped us grow together.. but also as two individual badass women and we greatly appreciate the support. We were surprised that Kat could empathize and actually relate with so many of the things we go through as a female couple.

10/10 would recommend Kat to anyone. Period. If you’re experiencing some miscommunication, want to spice things up, or even want to have a road map for navigating the future.. these are all things that Kat has been able to help us with on our journey. 

Logen E. - CANADA

My favourite part of working with Kat was her grace, acceptance, and encouragement. Before working together, I felt hopeless in my relationship. I Was finally able to let go, find self-worth and move forward with loving myself and not relying on my relationship to keep me feeling worthy. I learned valuable tools.

Kat is A truly wonderful person and a competent Coach. I would say that she helped me change my way of seeing myself and the world. Her guided visualization and voice were so beneficial and soothing; both helping me to surrender to the situation and move forward.

After working with Kat,  life is amazing. I have a clearer understanding of my needs and wants in a relationship. It was through her guidance, encouragement, and support that I learned healthy tools to move forward with believing I am worthy of loving and a healthy, supportive relationship.

I am eternally grateful. 


Before working with Kat, ​I was not as confident with certain concerns or feelings I had in my day to day life struggles. Whether it be work, relationships or personal questions I was never able to really truly understand.

The fact that she was able to relate, I felt like that was the most amazing thing. She confidently admits that she is not perfect and she goes through her own struggles as well. Knowing this and her being so open about it made the entire process easier and more comfortable. There's nothing worse than opening up to someone thinking they are perfect and can't relate.

I wasn't always super open to talking about my fears and concerns in life. In Fact, I didn't even really know this. It wasn't like I was super sad or depressed in my life. It was all just feelings that I've come to live with. I live a pretty independent, dominant life and sometimes having certain fears come up that I don't really understand makes it seem like a weakness. Now, I don't see it as a weakness anymore. Imagine that, feeling stronger (not weaker) because you are able to talk about your fears and concerns lol I don't think it's an easy thing to do at all.

My biggest takeaway from the whole experience was Realizing that I can be even MORE dominant/ take control, over my life and goals just by understanding myself better.

Kat is Hilarious! She is exciting, loving, Open minded, and empathetic. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have her in my life! 

Caroline H. & Felix W. - EUROPE

Before working with Kat, we were struggling to find time for intimacy with our busy work life and schedules and were lacking the strong connection which we have felt in the earlier stages of our relationship. Sex became a chore and was bound to a lot of expectations, which made it even harder to enjoy this intimacy as a loving couple. We were hoping for a way to strengthen our relationship and bring back the passion into our everyday life together.

In our Coaching Program, we learned to really listen to what the other person is saying, received tools for creating a deeper connection between each other and got to experiment with fun sensual exercises to break us out of our daily routine. This led us to a much deeper understanding of the other partner's feelings and helped us communicate our needs and wants in a constructive way.

We were surprised by how easy and comfortable the sessions were, considering that you are telling a complete stranger about your most intimate thoughts and problems. But Kat was so welcoming, understanding and professional at the same time that there was never even a single uncomfortable moment 🙂

With the tools we received, we can manage our daily lives more harmoniously for multiple reasons: We are able to communicate better and in a way that everybody feels heard and understood. We reflect more deeply on behaviors and reactions to see where they stem from. We are aware of some issues that have caused problems with intimacy and know how to deal with them and we have built a stronger connection as lovers and as partners.

Kat helped us realize and transform a lot of internalized thoughts and habits that we didn't even know we had before, and this knowledge brought us closer together as partners and as individuals.

We learned things about ourselves and each other that we didn't know before and falling in love with each other even more deeply as a result! Being able to talk so openly about the issues we were experiencing was a great relieve and receiving the right tools to solve them was even better. By being able to reflect more and communicate better, a lot of past issues have been resolved and new ones can be addressed at the right time and with the right tools, making our life together more harmonious and more intimate on a very deep level.

Our favourite part of working with Kat was being able to speak freely about our struggles and feel understood and like we are not alone with our problems. In communicating our thoughts and fears, we managed to understand the other person much more closely than we ever managed before and as a result, we are also more aware of what the other partner needs when it comes to both intimacy as lovers and intimate connection as individuals.

Our biggest takeaway from the whole experience was that even if we think we are communicating enough - we probably aren't, or at least not in the right way. With the right tools, we can now hear and understand each other better and are able to hold space for the other person when they need it. This has become our new basis for creating more intimacy and a deeper connection between us.

Sexuality and intimacy are always an awkward topic to talk about - especially with a stranger. But Kat's lovely and open personality, as well as her professionalism made it so easy and incredibly comfortable.  If you want to deepen or reinforce the connection to your partner and be able to create more intimacy and harmony in your relationship, then Kat is the right person to help you with that!

She is the loveliest person that you could imagine as your coach. Her cheerful nature makes you feel like you are having a conversation with your best friend and her expertise allows her to find solutions for the issues that you are struggling with. Our coaching sessions would have never been this big of a success if it wasn't for Kat! If you are someone who is considering working together with Kat, throw everything that's holding you back overboard and go for it!

She is the right person for you to talk about the issues that you are experiencing either as a couple in your relationship or as an individual. You will learn a lot about yourself and your partner and with the right tools, you will be able to reach a new level of intimacy in your relationship that will surpass your expectations!

So what are you waiting for?! 

Caroline D. - USA

While working with Kat, I was comforted by her warm presence, felt extremely understood by her thoughtful reflections, felt very safe within her compassion and wisdom. What surprised me the most was her ability to understand parenting dynamics.

I feel fortunate to know Kat and have Kat know me in a closer, intimate, more truthful way and to be able to see the purity of her heart in life and in her coaching offerings. My favorite part of working with Kat was feeling like I had someone in my corner, on my team.

Kat is a phenomenal woman and coach! I have been coached by many people and Kat is among the most intelligent, caring, wise people I've worked with.  She will deliver the results you crave. I have no doubt saying that.

You are worth it.  Just do it. Trust me. Kat is the bomb! 💣 ❤️ 

Cara Lee Rast - CANADA

My coaching sessions with Kat, have been very impactful. I always feel so safe, seen, heard, and understood in our session. She holds beautiful space that allows me to show up and get curious about what is going inside me and has killer advice on how to deal with whatever arises. I have come away from working with her with the skills and tools that I need to stay authentically connected to my heart, my desires, and ultimately my turn on!

So if you are ready to transform your life, and connect to your true authentic core, to show up in the world and give your gifts while having fun, I would highly recommend working with this amazing woman!! 

Leah - USA

I greatly appreciated the fun! Working on yourself can be challenging, but our sessions and the practices never felt like a job. Kat was able to make my learning relatable and real - she speaks in stories and analogies that make tough material digestible.

Before working with Kat, I constantly felt insecure and lacking in any/all categories traditionally defined as “feminine”. I didn’t feel like I knew how to dress, how to be flirty, feminine, or the woman I always wanted to be. I knew I was smart, funny, talented, strong, but I never felt like enough. I desperately sought validation of being “beautiful, sexy, desirable” from my partner because I couldn’t feel any part of that in myself. It was challenging in our relationship and hard to admit to myself that it was something I had to work on if I wanted things to change. At first, it was really scary to make the investment: financially, time-wise, and self-identity wise. I had been to a traditional therapist before and didn’t make much progress. I wasn’t sure this program would “work”. I was really scared that if I didn’t feel a change, it would mean I was destined to feel like this forever. That I was broken - this is just how I was - a person who lived in their own head.

Well, I am so so glad I took the leap. Things don’t change overnight, and I am still a ways off from where I really want to be. But I am no longer the scared insecure person who lives inside their hyper-analytical brain. Kat helped me take ownership of everything I was and everything I wanted to be. She guided me through self-discovery and stepped me into practices that over time have changed the way I import and process information. I have better understanding and control over my emotions, I can have small moments of just feeling - not thinking (something I thought was impossible before).

I feel more complete as a person - and more importantly as a woman. I’ve learned to explore and celebrate the feminine parts of myself and I’m excited to continue that journey. I hope that anyone who feels stuck or skeptical or that “it just won’t work for me, my brain doesn't work like that” can find some encouragement from me. Get curious - challenge yourself to be more open-minded. Getting external assistance can be the best thing for you - it’s ok to need help when working on yourself!

I am incredibly grateful to Kat for her coaching and guidance. I wouldn’t be on the path I’m on without her program. My relationship is better, my self-image is better, my life feels fuller (even in a pandemic) and most importantly I feel like I have the tools to keep moving forward. I’m excited about who I’ll get to be in the future and I’m grateful to have Kat in my corner.

It was a good amount of money upfront, which was unlike a “pay as you go” arrangement of traditional therapy that I was used to. I also was someone who really believed in “science” and at first, I was hesitant about coaching because it wasn’t “traditional therapy”. With some encouragement from my partner and friends, I decided to take the plunge. I knew Kat and trusted her to be empowering and looked up to the confidence she projected. After my first couple of sessions, I realized that the program was far more relatable, interesting, and action-oriented than the traditional therapy that I didn’t like in the past. What they say is true, you can’t face a problem the same way and expect a different result. I’m incredibly glad that I chose something that was “different” because it was the right choice!

The access to her was incredible - being able to DM was something I wasn’t expecting but I really enjoyed it. It helped me a lot in moments where I needed support or coaching to get through a tough time. Being able to receive guidance during tough times helps me learn how to practice what we talk about in real time - I think it helped speed up my progress considerably.

Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. It’s hard to put a price on feeling better about yourself - and I understand that a significant change feels out of reach when you’re just starting. Mental and emotional change isn’t as simple as physical ailments - you do have to put in some work. You do have to practice. You do have to try. It is intangible at times - changing your thoughts isn’t easy! But having a coach to help you through the process will make it sooo much easier and trust me - the feeling of freedom and self is worth it.

Kat is the shit and she’ll help you figure out who you want to be and how to get there. She’ll help you love yourself and learn about yourself and you should just do it!