Jade Egg Sessions

The Jade Egg is like Yoga for your Vagina! (AKA Yoni Yoga) #FUCKYES

I have studied with amazing Jade Egg innovators such as Layla Martin and Minke De Vos.

At first, I was like, “ you want me to put what…WHERE???!, NO WAY!” But, then I did my research, heard the women in my coaching program rave about how awesome and happy their vaginas were, and I really love rocks…so, I had F.O.M.O and of course, promptly ordered my egg and did the program….HOLY SHIT BALLS, SUPER VAGINA!!!

This dense little rock totally changed my life! My kitty has been purring ever since! 😉

There are movements, muscle isolation exercises, squeezing and releasing muscles, breathwork, emotional components, and sometimes even, after much practice, weightlifting!

We are taught in society that we want to have tight pussies…. But that is all wrong. Think if you were super tight all over in our bodies.. Not so fun. Same with our pussies! We actually want a STRONG yet RELAXED pussy. Now imagine that all over….. Yum 🙂

Kegels and pelvic floor training still have their place… the easy way to look at it is: They are like physio and the gym, and the Jade Egg is like yoga and massage. BOTH can exist together!

The Jade Egg isn’t a panacea and hasn’t been scientifically proven (YET!) so we can’t make any wild promises about its effectiveness in resolving women’s health issues. BUT in my personal experience, and the experience of many women around me, I have seen that it is a holistic approach to women’s sexuality. The Jade Egg has wide-ranging effects and can often show improvements in health.

Exquisite side effects may include but are not limited to:

  • Increased wetness
  • Being in tune with your body’s natural states
  • Having a healthy and vibrant sexuality, pelvic floor and organs
  • Using sexuality to build and cultivate energy in the body
  • Getting into states of ecstasy, pleasure and expansion
  • Generating more self-love for your body
  • Having a better orgasm
  • Sacred sexuality – meaning using sexuality to have spiritual experiences and awakenings
  • Bliss, joy and happiness – it can act like an antidepressant

Personal Jade Egg Coaching Sessions Now Available!

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Concerns about the Jade Egg?

Tss and the Jade Egg   Saida Desilets

*Because it works on a deep level, it can sometimes take up to six months to notice results on some of the tougher situations.
**The information contained within coaching sessions, classes, or workshops, is not a substitute for professional advice such as from a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, counsellor or therapist of any kind. Kat Wildling (aka Awaken Coaching Services) is not a medical provider of any kind and not liable for any advice as it shall be deemed only as her opinion.