How Working With Me Will Revolutionize Your Life!

Coaching Style

My coaching style is like personal training… for your mindset!

I support you in getting really clear on what it is that you truly desire; then we come up with a badass, yet approachable, step-by-step plan! We explore what needs to shift in your current life in order to design and live the lifestyle of the type of person who does/has the things you desire. Then, we break it down into juicy, bite-sized, digestible pieces that lean into pleasure as we dive in! I keep you accountable and on track, as we set off on our adventure, and I am right there with you every step of the way, cheering you on while you are kicking ass!

This approach creates the space for sustainability with long-term success VS a crash course quickie-fixie that peeps usually end up losing enthusiasm once the program has finished.

I hold a chill and non-judgemental space, as well as offer thought-provoking tools to get your creative juices flowing in the direction you want to go!

The tools & systems I use contain a deep methodology that can incorporate one or more of the following: the importance of healthy lifestyle habits & rituals, visualization exercises, breathwork, stress-reduction techniques, meditation, embodiment practices (with or without sexuality), Homeplay practices & exercises, as well as talk coaching. I also have access to a wealth of knowledge and information and I LOVE being the bridge to connect you to anything I feel could support you even further on your adventures.

I am inspired by the fact that there is so much power to be found in pleasure, it doesn’t always have to be the “path of purification”.

By this I mean: book after book after book after class after class after class, telling us we aren’t enough, to push harder, and set these unrealistic expectations from ourselves. We set the bar so high and then feel like shit when we are at ground zero… in our flip flops and summer gear, just staring up at the top of that Everest wayyyy up in the clouds like “well, fuck. Back to the drawing board”.

The good news is that yes…you can have pretty much anything you want. The not-so-sweet news is that it’s also not going to be found going down the path of least resistance… BUT, if you make it a priority, you will find time and energy that you didn’t even know you had! Success is inevitable with only two variables: time & effort.

This is where I come in! My job is to take you by the hand as we explore down the Path of Sexy Self Discovery and take on that Everest journey together, one foot in front of the other, and have some fun along the way!

I support and empower badasses to get clear, kick-ass, take names, and show the world whos the boss!  We will dive into tools, systems, and rituals to keep it poppin’ like it’s hot in a sustainable way for long-term success.  Together we explore what that will look like for you!

I also work with couples (straight and same-sex) to elevate their Power Couples Status, connect deeper and more authentically, and how to up-level their pleasurable & erotic intimacy! I teach Lovers how to support the greater collective of their relationship by learning how to “speak each other’s languages” to communicate like badass Lover-F*ckers!

How it Works

I provide support with goal setting and planning, Homeplay exercises, in-session guided practices, accountability and celebrating your progress! I also provide follow up sessions notes in my 1:1 programs. I am here to support you and keep you on track with your desires. As long as you are showing up, doing the exercises/Homeplay, and making the conscious effort to move in the direction of your desires; you will see results.

Since my training can also integrate sex & sensuality,  I encourage clients to allow and welcome these parts of themselves into the process, this is your time to liberate yourself and live the life you’re soul intended for you.

Is it absolutely necessary to have sex or self-pleasuring (given as home play sometimes) to be apart of our work? Yes and no. You can do many of the practices and processes without sexuality being involved, however, being able to honour and embrace this core aspect of our primal nature really speeds up our ability to overcome obstacles, resistance, barriers and supports any healing necessary to move forward. Working with this part of our internal primal nature enables us to go deep and find expansion, liberation and empowerment in exquisite and delicious ways.

**Even though this coaching can address sex and sexuality, (it can be done virtually or in-person) and there is no explicit sexuality and no nudity during the coaching sessions unless there is a special circumstance decided prior to a session (very uncommon though).  (There is absolutely no sexually implied contact/touching between coach and coachee in in-person sessions).**

Some of These Tools and Techniques Include

  • VITA Method® Coaching Tools
  • Badass Life Coaching
  • How to Cultivate a Sexy Threesome of Self, Wealth & Relationships
  • The Pleasurable Art of Living Turned-On
  • Connecting to your Sensuality
  • Mastery of Boss & Badassery
  • Tantric practices
  • Connection & Communication Practices
  • Stress-Reduction Techniques
  • Healing Burnout, soothing the Nervous System & Building your Capacity
  • Rituals & Healthy Habits
  • Breathwork
  • Creating Sustainable Sources of Energy
  • Healing Energy Leaks
  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Wealth Mindset
  • The Jade Egg (like yoga for your Yoni! Click here for more info)
*The information contained within coaching sessions, classes, or workshops, is not a substitute for professional advice such as from a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, counsellor or therapist of any kind. Kat Wildling is not a medical provider of any kind and not liable for any advice as it shall be deemed only as her/their opinion.