Boss Babe FAQ

Boss Babe FAQ May 14, 2020


FOUNDING STORY- How did you become a Transformational Coach specializing in Sex & Lifestyle?


I am Kat, a Transformational Coach that specializes in Sex & Lifestyle.

 I wasn’t always though! Several years ago, I was a retired Stylist-turned-yogi, who traded salon life for globe-trotting adventures in search of answers. I felt a deeper calling beyond the physical level of transformation, and found myself stepping into the sexy side of the coaching world. This created a yummmmmmy trifecta of powerful transformations with Mind, Body, and Soul aligned.

Mix that with a silly, sassy, and badassy chick who is on a mission to inspire and empower…..KABLAMMO.

You get a Kat Wildling… at your service, here to help you kick ass and take names!


To answer this question a little deeper though, let me tell you a little (maybe not so little haha) about where I started, why and how I do what I do, and what brought me to where I am today – coaching people like you in the Pleasurable Art of Living Turned-On AND Thriving in a Sexy Threesome of Self, Wealth, & Relationships.

I have been a part of the beauty industry for over 15 years. Several years ago, I started to question if I was really happy or satisfied with my life. In the midst of it all, I was watching big aspects of my life crumbling down around me. (Hello Saturn Return)

Sometimes good things have to fall apart so that better things can happen… Sometimes those things get much worse before they get better… well, spoiler alert.. it definitely got worse for me before it got better!

At that time, I was a really successful stylist working in the nicest salon in town. I was booked weeks and sometimes even months in advance, and LOVED what I did for a living. I was in a relationship with a decent guy, we had a cute dog and lived a pretty exciting life. 

I was one high-achieving badass. I used to pride myself on how much I could do, say yes to, and take on while bragging about how little sleep I was able to survive on. I thought I could do it all, and all on my own. I was living like I didn’t have a job, and slaved at my career like I didn’t have a life. I was a total yes woman, piling that already full plate even higher, all while taking care of everyone else’s shit too.

From the outside, my life looked pretty awesome. I “should” have been happy, but I wasn’t. On the inside though was not the same experience. 

My boss was intense and extremely hard to please and the salon was full of drama, stress, and catty politics. I worked 55+ hours doing hair AND TWO part-time jobs serving/bartending. I rarely said no to squeezing in clients and would work 15+ hr days sometimes with no breaks.  I was beginning to burn out. I was developing some really intense joint pain/migraines, extreme fatigue & other health issues. It was like walking on eggshells every day, at work, AND with my body. I started having anxiety attacks on the reg. 

I was a total workaholic for years because I had to be. I was drowning in an ocean of crushing debt because several years previous,  I was young and naive and fell for the sob story from a total stranger. I felt bad for them and wanted to help, in which I was frauded/robbed a shit tonne of money…. That I didn’t exactly have at the time. That mistake wound up dictating almost the next decade of my life. It felt like a gluttonous monster that swallowed up and shat out any sacrificial offerings I brought it. In the midst of all of this, I had started a few businesses, racked up student/business loans, moved a tonne, and was never really getting ahead. Which is how I ended back up in my small northern hometown to try to get a handle on the situation and get my life together.

On top of all that, my relationship was also not everything it looked like from the outside. We weren’t actively choosing and prioritizing each other, our relationship, and our love-life to a level that I knew we both deserved. It had reached its expiration date (and then some) before I finally couldn’t take it anymore and ended it for both our sakes. It was the icing on a shit cake. I am a Leo… I LOVE love.

I woke up one day to find myself in a life and relationship that were no longer passionately fulfilling… Stop the world, I wanted off.

This giant shit sandwich I was being served was actually a direct result of my past actions. I definitely didn’t want to admit it at the time, but I had actively participated in and created the reality I was suffering in. I had finally had enough. It really pushed me to make a decision of how I wanted to live… Because I was sick and tired of feeling like I had to choose between having a loving relationship, my dreams of traveling around the world, taking care of my body/mind/soul, having a sweet career that was supportive to my mental and physical health AND get ahead from the financial setback. It only ever felt like I could have 50% of what I actually wanted at a time. 

There had to be another way!


I had decided that to say yes to my dream life, I had to say hell no to my current situation and mindset.

So, I got the fuck up outta that life that was no longer serving me. I moved further south to a new town, invested in a coach, and signed up for some online “pussy-power” sexually liberating courses to free myself of the crap & confusion I was still carrying from my last relationship. I learned how to come home to my body, to create more pleasure in my life, and build confidence in myself! Holy Hell it WAS liberating!

I got a totally different temporary job that was so much easier on my body, and making even more money than I was making in the salon I was previously at (which was pretty hard to beat as I did quite well for myself there). Because I had decided to say yes to my dream life, it felt so much easier to work that hard knowing I had an exit strategy. I was able to pay off my debt within a year and a half, with multiple five figures left over. I am talking about paying off almost $50,000 worth of debt.

So, with my finances back in the black, and then some (for the first time in almost a decade) I decided to finally make my globe-trotting dreams a reality!  I literally dropped everything, sold everything, and set out on a path to go fulfill my lifelong dream of traveling the world for an undetermined amount of time. To figure out what my dream life really was, and to meet the love of my life. Seriously!! I always knew that I would meet him on this big trip.. But so much had to shift for me to make it all happen.

It shifted, and it happened!!!

“An ordinary life did not interest me, I wanted an extraordinary one.


I got on that plane and in an instant—everything changed.

One day I was at a local coffee shop in Pai, Thailand checking my email while sipping a delicious iced coffee while settling in to decide my next adventures. This was shortly after I had met my future husband, but didn’t know it at the time! I had been gone for 6 months or so and was having the time of my life! Along this trip, I had decided that due to the health problems that I had been experiencing at work, that it was time that I considered changing careers. This was absolutely heartbreaking to me, I love the beauty industry with a passion, but I needed to find a way to prioritize my health. I couldn’t go back to the way it was. This created a bit of an identity crisis for me, as my whole life was based on the fact that I was a hairstylist. I knew I wanted to find something that I could still keep the favourite parts of my career: creating epic transformation, being creative, helping others feel amazing about themselves, having deep conversations, and build rapport & relationships. I needed to find a way to set new boundaries as my own boss and to create a WFA type career so that I could continue to roam as I pleased.

I shit-you-not, later that day I  received an email from the woman I had taken the sexual liberation courses from; offering a Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching Certification. Then it dawned on me… This wasn’t just an option, it was a calling. An unshakable feeling down to the very last cell in my body that I had to share my passion for transformation with the world and make my dream career a reality. I had no idea, at that moment – that my life would change forever, or even more shockingly, just how much it would change.

Nearing the end of my trip, when I was living abroad in Australia (about a year after I had left on my worldly adventure and 11 countries total later), I had finally decided it was time to come back to Canada. I had remained pen pals with the hottie I met when I was backpacking in Cambodia.  Naturally, we totally hit it off even more when reunited in person,  so we decided to give it a go! (This is definitely an epic love story I’ll share more about another time!)

Fast forward to current time, I am happily married to the love of my life! Someone with whom we are both challenged to grow every single day – whether we feel like it or not, as that was our agreement very early – deciding to have a very conscious and intentional relationship. Our motto is “what’s best for the greater good of our collective“. We work on getting it right instead of trying to be right, and strive to be curious instead of furious when we trigger each other. We are constantly creating ways to free up some more time and headspace/emotional capacity to be present with each other. To meet our needs individually as well as as a unit. THIS IS NOT LUCK! This is the result of putting in the consistent conscious effort and taking action every day in some way to turn towards one another while we climb the ladder as a team.

I was so inspired by my life-changing trip, meeting the love of my life, working with my coaches, mentors & yoga teachers, as well as all of the amazing experiences I was surrounding myself with, that I have jumped two feet in and haven’t looked back since! I find it so crazy that it wasn’t until I had finally stopped working myself to the bone long enough, that I was able to gain clarity on what direction I wanted to go in. Setting an intention of what I wanted, how I wanted to feel, and then planning my lifestyle around that vs forcing something that was clearly “screaming loudly” that it wasn’t working.


Listen, I have been there and back again through the good, the bad, the ugly, the magic! I have failed miserably and I have succeeded brilliantly… back and forth, repeatedly. Through all of this, I have found SO MUCH POWER in The Pleasurable Art of Living Turned-On AND Thriving in a Sexy Threesome of Self, Wealth & Relationships; why this is such a Badass Modern Boss Babe must-have… Say that 5 x fast haha! Whether you are single or in a relationship, this work can immensely benefit you, if you are ready to make the non-negotiable decision to design and live your dream life.

I’ve since expanded on my experience immensely, reflected on my mistakes and what I was missing. I’ve invested heavily into my health and wellness to learn how to work smarter, not harder… and to learn to leave room to stop and smell the flowers! I have Invested in high-level business coaching to kick my ass into high gear, AND combined all of my skills, knowledge, and expertise, into one amazing career that I use to help others to design a life of Boss & Badassery (& relationships!) that they don’t need a vacation from.

Things like: raising prices/asking for a raise/raising financial frequency, money mindset, empowerment/personal development, client-based business building, self-care/worth/confidence, yoga & fitness, healthy lifestyle, healthy habits, meditation, breathwork, stress reduction techniques, the power of working with your body and addressing your sexual nature, building delicious and conscious relationships with yourself, your lover, your career, & money.

I began teaching Badass Boss Babes how they can have their cake and eat it too! I teach them how to avoid the mistakes and all of the fucking around I had to do to get to where I am at today, which cost me a lot of time and money. I have truly enjoyed watching their lives, careers, and relationships become more Turned-on and Lit-up! I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping others to take control of their power, to create more pleasure, play, & balance within their lifestyle vs holding off and waiting until they achieved their goals to feel like they can enjoy themselves.

Since then, I’ve worked with many private clients, spoken in front of groups. I live my dream of creating a space for Badass Boss Babes ( & their Lovers!) to have an epicly conscious life. One full of love, sexiness, abundance and adventures.

I have created my Signature Program:

“Mastery of Boss & Badassery” [​The Pleasurable Art of  Living Turned-On AND Thriving in a Sexy Threesome of Self, Wealth, & Relationships.​]

For Badass Boss Babes seeking to uplevel their Mindsets, Heal Burn-out, Plan for Pleasure, and all-around Mastery of Boss & Badassery!


Now, here I am…Eager to light the torch for you and take you by the hand as you bravely set off down the path of Sexy Self Discovery. The journey towards Awakening your inner badass, the ruler of your Jungle!  To Be a Boss, Date a Boss, and Build YOUR Empire. To give you full permission to start designing a life that you don’t need a vacation from, to know that you can have everything you want and that you totally deserve it.

You just have to be willing to show up and get started! I look forward to co-creating our adventure together!

With Pleasure,

The Wildness in me Honours the Wildness in you.

Xo, Kat Wildling

Who are your clients? (What type of people are they/what are they coming to you with?)

I work with amazing humans, just like you, who are Badass & Boss AF! Peeps who seek support to take their “Self”, Wealth & Relationships to the next level & live their best life!

Commonly they experience one or more of the things below, but definitely not limited to.


  • Enjoy things like tea, yoga, meditation, wine, good food, travelling, having fun/playing and spending time with their loved ones!
  • Are usually in a long-term relationship. (Not necessary though!)
  • Are most likely a creative professional
  • Usually are rocking out at work but desire a personal/love life that is equally as powerful; craving a balance in work, personal life, and sex-life:
  • Are looking for stress reduction and self-care rituals/systems that are cultivated in sustainability as their badassery grows. (They want to play big and take things to the next level, but wonder how the hell they can possibly take on any more.)
  •  Have things pretty good already, (if not, that’s ok too! I’ve got you babe!) yet, chances are, they still feel like something is missing… Or fantasizing about what their dream life could be like if only they had/did _____________. (Usually: More time, More Love, More Passion More Energy, and of course, More Cha-Ching!)
  • Are also, usually, burning the candle at both ends and well on their way to burnout trying to build their empire  (A sign of this can be things starting to slip on the home front/personal life/relationships.. dropping balls… and not the fun kind!)
  • Experience boundaries as a common problem.  This can look like: Being a “yes” woman and committing to projects and things they just don’t have the time and energy for, or didn’t really even want to in the first place anyway, but couldn’t say no. Or in their work, it can look like: Struggling to say no to clients (deals, boss, etc) for fear of losing them and then trying to squeeze them in on lunches or come early/stay late/days off.
  • Sometimes find themselves with no time/energy for anything that they really want to do… Let alone proper self-care rituals, and a low or overdrive libido can show up (most likely from stress/exhaustion)
  • Desire to connect with other like-minded Kickass Boss Babes
  • Desire to raise prices/ask for raises/ grow financially without feeling shame, fear, or guilt!
  • Desire a shift in life towards the greatness they feel that they are meant for ( and they are!!)
  • Desire to be Boss AF & have intimately fulfilling relationships, better relationships with themselves, their friends, Lovers, fam, wealth & Live their best life!!  A life full of pleasure, power, success, turn-on, play & that is so awesome they don’t need a vacation from it!

What makes you different from other Coaches & Why should I hire you?

Honestly? Because I am a pretty awesome coach!

In all seriousness though, there are a LOT of pretty fucking awesome coaches out there these days, and believe it or not, that’s a really good thing! I find it’s such a personal experience and everyone has different desires and compatibilities. If all coaches were the same it would be an over-saturated market, but it isn’t even with the abundance of coaches available. Diversity is important in so many ways and I love that the world has a shit tonne of options!

Level/years of experience, proven results, raving client testimonials, and all sorts of sales pitch offers can definitely play a part in who you may be looking for, but it’s also not the only thing you should be looking for. Finding someone you trust, feel comfortable, as well as compatible with, are really important key components!

Some coaches work with only talk coaching on the specific goal you came to them for and get you in and out, which is great if that’s all you needed support with to smash your goals. Some coaches are really intense and total hard asses, which is great if that’s what you need! Some coaches are super extroverted and flashy and quick-witted, again, totally awesome if that’s what you desire!

I  could go on and on.. but the question was, “what makes ME different from other coaches?”

So first off, let me make this very clear: I am definitely not most coaches… or people!

What makes me different from other coaches is a collection of who I am as a person, and the fact that I am the only me there is with the unique perspective of all of my experiences that I have acquired during my trips around the sun! There may be coaches that offer similar things or have a similar vibe.. and that’s great, the more the merrier. What sets me apart is the big ol’ mix of awesome sauce that is my personality, character, experience (In my own life as well as in the industry), natural abilities, flaws & imperfections, zones of genius, acquired skills, intuition, sense of humour, values, etc, all wrapped up into a sweet package! If you vibe well with my approach and really lean into trusting the process, you will see results.

I am a creative and expressive artist who gets super excited, talks with my hands, swears a reasonable amount, and loves to get curious. I’ve been there, done that, still doing it (Rome wasn’t built in a day!), and have the experience, multi-perspective, and a very compassionate approach. I share honestly, authentically, and vulnerably about the experiences and lessons I have come across in my own adventure thus far – my struggles, my fails, and my triumphs, because “success” is not a linear process… It’s an adventure!

I also don’t believe the process should feel like a shit tonne of “work”, it takes the willingness to be curious, uncomfortable, and the ability to put in consistent conscious effort. This is where I come in, to handhold and to keep you on track.. to cheer you on, to help pick you up and dust you off if you biff it, to give you a *gentle virtual* poke with a stick when you need it, and all of the in-between! The good, the bad, the ugly, and the magic!

I also realize that I am not everyone’s cup of tea, and I am 100% ok with that! It would be exhausting trying to fit myself into a million boxes to please everyone. As someone who did this most of my life growing up, I have zero desire to do a song and dance for peeps that are not into what I offer.  I will not pressure, manipulate or fear-based convince you to work with me. That is not how I roll! If you are excited, then fuck yes! If you aren’t, that’s totally ok too. If you aren’t sure, I am happy to offer a Discovery Call to see if we are a good fit to take on an adventure together.

I do encourage you to lean into what lights you up and to make decisions. It doesn’t have to be a fuck yes, there is permission to have a clear no ( or no for now), but I don’t like to live in the land of maybe’s! I come from a place of abundance and celebration. I don’t believe that business is a limited resource that is scarce and if one person having something takes away from others. So with this in mind, I don’t just work with anyone/everyone who reaches out. Our compatibility and ability to vibe well together are extremely important to me. I have options to have an unreal level of access to me available and I don’t take this lightly.

I am very empathetic and understanding, but I will also on occasion (when necessary) call you on your shit kindly and with love! and hold you accountable! I love to be playful, to get really curious, and be open to what comes up… And I encourage you to do the same! Everything is useful information about the bigger picture. I deeply value and strive to hold a safe, non-judgmental, relaxed, easy-going space with compassion and curiosity! I coach you with the same level of care and connection as I would with my dearest besties!

I prefer to address humans and their natures as a whole… mind/body/soul. I coach in the realm of Lifestyle, Healthy Habits, Sex, Relationships, Wealth Mindset/Success, Paradigm Shifts, Health & Wellness, and much more!

We explore desire-based coaching vs a “fix the problem” kind of coaching. Using the “come from” of inspiration vs desperation towards your goals. “Goals” that are fueled by desire (as enthusiasm has a half-life!) keep you motivated to stay on track vs feeling like you are being pushed into changing things out of desperation.

By addressing very powerful sources (Our Turn-On, Desire, Pleasure & Money) that we have been taught to fear/avoid but also simultaneously desire, we cut through the crap and confusion quicker to get you the results you are craving.

I am trained in the VITA Method from the Institute of Integrated Sexuality. VITA stands for the “Vital & Integrated Tantric Approach” to coaching. This Method is a transformational process to awaken sensuality through the use of holistic tools and has the power to unlock deep levels of pleasure, connection, self-confidence, power, and self-love. Through the powerful combination of holistic tools such as breathwork, pleasure practices, healing, meditative practices, energy work, sounding, and movement, this method offers a completely unique approach to awakening sensuality and power ESPECIALLY when combined with talk coaching, desire-based goal setting, and accountability.

On top of my coaching training and expertise and experience, I also have extensive experience in empowerment from over 15 years of holding space for clients in the Beauty, Health & Wellness industries, and years of teaching yoga/meditation.

I believe in the power of cultivating and using Sexual energy to create the life of your desires (Sexual energy is turn-on and pleasure in motion). I am inspired by the fact that there is so much power to be found in pleasure, play, and compassion. It doesn’t always have to be the “path of purification” and hardship. Sensuality integration into coaching creates a powerful secret weapon to address the mind/body/soul as a WHOLE to break through resistance and live the life you desire.

“Why should you hire me?”

Only if:  It lights you up to, you are ready to work with a coach and what I offer resonates with you, and/or you feel a fuck yes let’s do this!

I’m concerned with how to get the benefits/outcomes of your signature program: “Mastery of Boss & Badassery Coaching” [The Pleasurable Art of living Turned on AND Thriving in a Sexy Threesome of Self, Wealth, & Relationships.]

As a desire-based coaching system, we don’t spend all of our time focusing on what’s holding you back – instead, we focus on your vision of what you deeply desire to call into your life.

My coaching style contains a deep methodology that incorporates breath-work, movement, embodiment practices, energy work, meditation, visualization exercises, as well as talk coaching. You may not like what I have to say– but you can be sure I will always be honest with you in service of your deepest truth and highest self. You’ll get out of your head into your body through home-play exercises, thought-provoking exploration, guided practices, desire-based goal setting, accountability, and follow-up with notes and check-ins (with 1:1 sessions); All set up to support you to thrive and keep you on track with your desires.

It’s like personal training… for your mindset! We get really clear on WTF it is that you actually desire, come up with a badass, step-by-step plan!  Next, we break it down into juicy, bite-sized, digestible pieces that lean into pleasure as we dive in!

I keep you accountable and on track, and I am right there with you every step of the way, cheering you on while you kick-ass, take names, and show the world who’s the boss! (Spoiler alert… IT’S YOU!) We will keep it poppin’ like it’s hot in a sustainable way for long-term success.

I hold a chill and non-judgemental space as we follow desire, pleasure & turn-on to get those creative juices flowing in the direction you want to go!

As long as you are showing up and doing the work, you will see results.

What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

My Signature Program: ​“Mastery of Boss & Badassery Coaching” [The Pleasurable Art of living Turned on AND Thriving in a Sexy Threesome of Self, Wealth, & Relationships.] (As well as my other workshops, products and programs) were created for people who are super excited and dead-serious about taking their life (Self, Wealth & Relationships) to the next level., A.K.A.: Building their Empire.

A successful empire consists of Power, Balance, and Love. – it means not running around all day long, like a chicken with your head cut off constantly putting out fires. By this, I mean not trying to balance career/life/relationships with zero support, totally on your own, AND also not enough energy to give each the attention it really deserves to create that balance.

This means, no more beating yourself up anymore saying:

  • “​ Yes” (to things that you don’t really want to do but feel guilty).​
  • “​I don’t know what to do differently.”
  • “I can’t take on anymore because I am already maxed out and overwhelmed.”
  • “If I raise my prices my clients will leave me/If I ask for a raise my boss will fire me.”
  • ” If I take time off my clients will go somewhere else.”
  • “When ____ happens, then I will finally let myself have some help”
  • ” I’m not ready to.”
  • “I don’t even know how to get started”
  • ” I don’t think I can.”
  • etc!​

The Program was created for you to put systems in place within a few months (sometimes weeks!), which will eventually lead you to one or more of the following:

  • Find a balance of Self, Wealth, and Relationships.
  • Feeling like a total Badass in business AND the bedroom!
  • Cultivate sustainable and easily renewable energy
  • Be vulvatious and attract your dream peeps that will be your super fans and actually value your time & worth AND to fire the ones that aren’t bringing you joy.
  • Have better boundaries
  • Be a badass and take charge of creating a juicy relationship with your Wealth Mindset
  • Raise your abundance frequency and mindset.
  • Prioritize yourself guilt-free so that you can be of better service to others.
  • Have more free time and money to travel and do the things you really love to do and outsource the shit you don’t!
  • Feel amazing, confident and at home in your body with more energy.

Being a creative professional myself, I’m known to work best with other creative & in-service-to-bettering-the-world-whatever-that-looks-like-for-you Badasses.

Badasses who:

  • Are committed to their success no matter what
  • Are totally ready to take things to the next level, no excuses
  • Want to know exactly what steps to take to awaken the Badass within (You know, the one who knows how to play big and live the epic and delicious life you have always dreamed could be possible.)

You will be expected to take serious and consistent action. No excuses anymore, just a willingness to explore a very different way of thinking!  You will also have full support in this program while you set out to achieve this incredibly exciting goal of kicking-ass and taking names while living a life you don’t need a vacation from.

But don’t worry, it isn’t all just ass-kicking Bootcamp! Once you start building a really great foundation for your empire to be built upon, then it becomes really fun and exciting to play and watch it grow!! It will be worth it, Trust me!

For what type of people are your programs NOT going to work?

Please know I’m very selective in who I work with and I cherry-pick my clients, choosing to (gently) turn away people who aren’t suited for my programs and won’t get the results for which they would have signed up for. (It wouldn’t be fair to them and I don’t like to waste anyone’s time.)

The ​“Mastery of Boss & Badassery Coaching” [The Pleasurable Art of living Turned on AND Thriving in a Sexy Threesome of Self, Wealth, & Relationships.] & other Kat Wildling programs are NOT for those who are absolutely, financially desperate, at least not right away. It’s been my experience that people in financial crisis do not trust the recommendations I give them and do not have the headspace to truly show up and do the work (possibly because they spend a lot of time worrying about how they are going to get next month’s bills met, this is .)

If you fall within this category, it’s absolutely OK! We’ve all been in times of financial crisis at one point or another. Myself included!!

Do yourself (3) favours:

  • Get some money coming in with a full-time or part-time job at the very least, and then call me. This will take the edge off and provide a little more peace of mind. Mostly, it will de-clutter your mind enough to focus on your program, coaching assignments and the BIG picture. Once you start seeing the shifts, opportunities and relationships that change as a result of our work, you can then start reducing the hours you work at that other job and focus on your own practice.
  • SIGN UP HERE  to receive a FREE copy of my E-Book, “A Queen B’s Playbook for Mastery of Boss & Badassery “ and the free bonuses in my Love Notes Emails when you join the Collective Tribe of Badassery (watch for it in the welcome emails)​. The free information will get you started towards your goals until you’re ready to work with me 1:1 or in a group.
  • Join my community and check out my FREE content online ( Sign up for my Love Notes Email List, follow me on ​Instagram​  & Youtube​ [Coming Soon!])

Doing these three things will really help you get primed for our work. When you’re ready, email me and we’ll get you started. (I’m in no rush and will be here when you are ready)

Other types of personalities I won’t work with (without exception) are the whiner, complainer, or the chronic skeptic, as well as individuals who constantly make excuses for not getting their assignments done or challenging every aspect of the program. If you are one of these people, I gently and respectfully ask that you not apply and I hope you understand why! We most likely will not vibe or work well together and I wouldn’t want you to waste your time or money. Is that fair?

You talk about stylists, Yoga and the Beauty & Fitness Industry a lot.. are these the only professionals you work with?

If you are not one of these professionals, AND still feel that my work speaks to you or really feels in alignment with what you desire, fear not!

I work with all types of creative professionals! It’s not really important what type of work you do… it’s more about the desire to explore Mastery of Boss & Badassery!

I say stylist/yoga/beauty/fitness professionals, as that is my background, but this coaching translates over to almost any Boss Babe with the right intentions!.. and probably more I would assume! (For Example, some women I have worked with are Nurses, Multi-Level Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Stylists, Servers, Tech Professionals, Personal Trainers… and more!)

I always say: if the shoes fit, feel free to go for a cruize! (Basically, if you find my content speaks to you or if you find what I have to offer relatable, chances are my coaching method will benefit you!)

If you are curious if this is right for you, I am happy to schedule a free Breakthrough Call to see if we are a good fit.

Connect with me:

Do you only work with women?

I work primarily with women, and my Group Programs are Women Only ( & Female identified!)

I do also have a yummy signature program for Lovers! In that program, I work with heterosexual couples AND  also with same-sex couples.

Want to learn more?

Click HERE

What exactly is your Signature Coaching Program “Mastery of Boss & Badassery Coaching” [The Pleasurable Art of living Turned on AND Thriving in a Sexy Threesome of Self, Wealth, & Relationships.] and what does it include?

SPOILER ALERT!  This IS NOT just another goal-setting program that will fizzle out & collect dust a few months into the new year. I mean, of course, yea…. it DOES have space to get clear on our desires, discover what’s holding us back & figure out who we need to become to live the life our soul intended – because it wouldn’t be coaching without at least some of that!

This IS ALSO a fun & playful mastermind of like-minded, Badass Boss Babes who are all in the trenches together and cheering each other on! This is a “Fuck Yaaaasssss Queen, Kick-Ass, Take Names and Slaaaaaayyyyy Babe!” kind of program. It’s about switching the norm of forcing ourselves to do what we think we “should” be doing, struggling through the process & “whipping” ourselves up the steep hill (while judging the shit out of ourselves for not doing it good enough) and then usually giving up not too far in, or, pushing through but feeling ripped off arriving on empty… AMIRITE!?  Instead, we are flipping the narrative, dialling up the technicolour dance party, putting a juicy carrot on the end of that stick to keep you lit-up about the chase! 

Then the cherry on top is that now, there is the extra bonus of having the accountability & encouragement of other Badass Boss Babes right there with you on a similar journey! We are here to connect, support and celebrate each other’s victories, as well as, the good ol’ pick-up and dust off of any fellow females that fall off the horse and need a hug before getting back on! I am not going to lie.. this is going to challenge you. If it were easy, everyone would be doing/having the things already! In real life shit happens, but, it’s how we recover that counts! It’s easier to call it quits when we are the only one who knows we are on a mission, but when we have a coach AND a Posse of Powerful Pussantes hot on our tail.. that’s a totally different story, my love.

Here’s what we explore in our time together in the program:

    • Let The Adventure Begin! GAME PLAN!
      Get crystal clear on your Core Desires and begin building a road map to your desired destination. Roll into a delicious guided meditation to visualize the end results you crave. We will establish morning rituals, stress reduction & self-care strategies and clear out any stress that has been on the backburner slowly draining your energy & support a healthy lifestyle.
    • Exploring Archetypes of Boss & Badassery!
      Every Boss Babe has an inner world where our fantasies, imagination, and emotional life call home. Archetypes tap into the emotions & feelings of our inner world and give life a sense of personal meaning. We explore through the lens of Queen Archetypes throughout the program in thought-provoking inquiry and embodiment practices!  (Hint… there will be optional dress-up parties!!!!) 
    • Own It Like A Boss: Master Your Habits & Unfuck Your Boundaries!
      Bad (Low Vibe/Hindering) Habits & shitty boundaries are usually a big part of what’s keeping us playing too small. SETTING HEALTHY BOUNDARIES! YAY! This is KEY to living the life you desire. Teaching you that it is 100% OK for you to take care of yourself first AND to say no (Even dare I say…FUCK NO!) – SO YOU CAN be of better service to your clients, friends, family, the world. Treating yourself like you would your bestie will help you to stop letting your bad habits, negative self-talk & others have power over you so you can take your power back and be a Boss!
    • The Hardest Part Of The Journey Is Believing You Are Worth The Trip!
      Making nice with yourself! Let’s face it, you are most likely the biggest obstacle standing in the way of living your best life. That’s ok, it’s way more common than you would think. We set up an action plan, accountability, as well as, explore how to deal with “gremlins” (or as I like to call it “ the Asshole Upstairs” [Negative self-talk]) We shift perspectives to getting curious – not furious while cultivating loving compassion for yourself along the Path of Sexy Self Discovery! Believe it or not, but you can actually enjoy the process much more by using what I call ” The Carrot VS the Whip” Method. Now it’s time to buckle your boobies & pull up your big girl panties, Let’s get this party started!
    • Wild, Sensual, Freedom!
      Dabbling in Desire…  Cultivate Your Primal Sexual Energy & Sensuality in a way that supports you to thrive. Introduce you to the power of Turn-On (it’s legit life force energy.. literally the power we use to create babies.. or have fun playing practice 😉 ) and how to use it to your advantage in success! Discover how to come home to your body and turn up the dial on feeling SEXY and frisky.  You will learn how to regain your confidence & create deeper intimacy in your relationship with yourself & with your Lover.
    • Who’s coming to the table & running your show? WHO IS RULING YOUR JUNGLE? Queen B – The one who rules them all.
      Deeper exploration into archetypes & alter egos to cultivate your Ruler of the Jungle (AKA Queen B!) within as well as other parts of you who have been hiding and hindering your progress in achieving your desires in the past. We explore tools and techniques to put her in charge and how to call her forth in challenging situations & the face of la resistance.
    • Death of old self and the birth of the Ruler of the Jungle
      A JOURNEY THROUGH THE UNDERWORLD. This is the part where we say goodbye to our limiting belief systems and let go of what is no longer serving us in living the life we truly desire, and then we welcome in your Queen B as Boss. Holding ritual space and guided meditation/visualization techniques to have a proper goodbye and welcome to knock your socks off! 
    • Falling In Love With Your Wealth Mindset
      Cultivate a steamy romance with your Wealth Mindset & learn how to seduce money like a sexy Lover!! We create powerful intentions that guide you towards the wealth you desire as well as the outer pieces to powerfully connect your Lifestyle of Boss & Badassery. Ladies…..*drum roll please* Roll out the red carpet & prepare yourself for a juicy love affair! sssssssssssttt!! 
    • Sexy Sustainability!
      How to keep it poppin’ like it’s hot & THRIVE like the Badass Lover-Fucker you are!!!
    • Celebrate, Up-Level, Repeat!
      Conscious wrap-up of the awesome sauce we have been creating together, a celebration of success, as well as support strategies!

So…..What are you waiting for?!

Does this really work?

Yes!  The result of our work is an approach of shifting your mindset, getting you out of your head more & into your body, as well as, cultivating healthy & helpful habits within a balanced lifestyle to set you up for sustainable success. We will put systems in place for rituals of self-care, cultivate your relationships, and connect to your Turn-On, while making this a more enjoyable process in desire-based coaching methods. If you fully show up and dive into the practices & Homeplay- you will see results.

You get out what you are willing to put in!

See Testimonials from past clients

What type of results can I expect?

If you show up fully and complete the practices & Homeplay, participate in the calls and extra projects, and are willing/open to learn and try new things, some or more of the results you can expect are/ to:

  • Learn how to manage and prevent burnout
  • Have big breakthroughs and ah-ha moments
  • See health benefits, living stress-free
  • Uplevel your career pleasurably
  • Raise your prices/income and vibrations!
  • Let go and release trauma in the body
  • Anxiety dissipates and peace, calm, and clarity set in
  • Create new standards for yourself
  • Fill your gas tank & learn how to self-nurture
  • Reach your passions in life
  • Discover your true self
  • Set goals, reach them and actually enjoy it
  • Feel empowered & excited about the future
  • Fall back in love with yourself
  • Breakout in creativity
  • Vibrate as a loving being, and become truly unconditionally loving with all your relationships (even the most intense ones that normally trigger you)
  • Develop more compassion for yourself and others
  • Be clear concise and honest in your communication
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Have more ease and grace in your life
  • Truly love the version of yourself that shows up to play this game called life
  • Learn how to say NO and how to honour your yes and no’s
  • Find joy & pleasure
  • Watch your best life unfold with ease
  • Connect with your intuition
  • Create DEEP intimacy and meaning in your personal relationships
  • Understand how your soul is awakening and developing
  • End the drama cycles and patterns
  • Raise your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Rewrite your story
  • Open your heart and expand into your TRUE being
  • How to see your relationships as mirrors and open channels for transformation
  • Gain unshakeable confidence in yourself – (a lot of my clients tell me that is worth the investment alone).
  • Learn proven techniques for releasing your internal resistance and self-sabotaging tendencies so you can take action and start living your passion and purpose with ease
  • Get crystal clear on what you truly desire
  •  Learn how to set boundaries with yourself and those around you
  • Work smarter at building your practice, not harder
  • Build your Empire
  • Thrive in a Sexy Threesome of Self, Wealth, and Relationships
  • Learn tools to sustain you to create new goals for your life to keep pulling yourself into your future as opposed to pushing so hard
  • Stay accountable to these goals and achieve them
  • Be a badass Queen B/Ruler of Your Jungle!

Can I see some of your former clients' testimonials to see what it’s like to work with you?

Yes, I encourage you to!
Please go to the Client Testimonials HERE and read all of them. See which ones you feel drawn to, either because the person has gotten the results you want to get too, or perhaps because that person is in a similar situation. Don’t just take my word for it, see their experiences for yourself!

How quickly can I expect results?

That depends on how quickly you can make those inner shifts. Some clients are ready to go and rock-out in a very short time frame, sometimes even a few weeks while others have a bit more work to do first and that can slow the process a bit, all of which is also totally ok! Everyone’s journey varies as we all come from different backgrounds and face different resistances. It’s not about competing with yourself or anyone else, I only expect you to show up and do your best.

There is a reason my programs are longer, it’s not a quick fix type of coaching. I purposely choose longer durations to hold a container for building sustainability and blending it into your lifestyle for long term lasting results.

It also depends on:

  • How much you show up and actually do the Practices, Playbooks, and Homeplay Assignments.
  • How quickly you are willing to let go of your ego and limiting belief systems and step into your power
  • How willing you are to get really uncomfortable and face some deep shit that has been stagnating/lurking in your body and holding you back
  • How open you are to shifting your beliefs and taking radical self-responsibility to step into your full power of self, wealth, and relationships
  • Willingness to let go of who you were/have always been/have always done and welcome in who you need to be/what you need to do to get shit done and get the results you are looking for
  • How well you understand and apply Einstein’s definition of ​insanity:​ doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. T​his means being willing to examine that you are here because you want a different reality than you are currently living.. So we need to do things differently than you’ve been doing.

How can I guarantee myself that I will get more {benefits}, in record time?

Do all of your Homeplay. Show up fully.

Be totally committed to your success. Be open to change and get uncomfortable (if this were easy, everyone would do it). Understand that this is a process, a proven one, that works if you take action and implement all of the steps. All my clients who have diligently applied every step of ​ ​“Mastery of Boss & Badassery Coaching” [The Pleasurable Art of living Turned on AND Thriving in a Sexy Threesome of Self, Wealth, & Relationships.] ​have successfully owned their power in their relationships & with themselves, created healthy lifestyle AND their relationship with their careers in much less time than they would have on their own. They also have had really great lasting results as long as they stick to it and don’t fall back into old habits/routines/belief systems.

Will I recover the investment I put into this coaching program?

Yes, it is a possibility! Many clients are excited to report that they were able to cover their investment often with only a few new clients and/or the confidence to raise their prices/ask for raises (depending on your pricing/length of time & your focus in the program).

Again, this isn’t about being business-focused…I want you to stop reading for just one moment to ask yourself, “What is designing the life of my deepest desires &  relationships that I don’t need a vacation from- worth to me?”

Chances are, depending on your focus in our program, your results will be worth more than your coaching investment. The information and skills you learn with ​“Mastery of Boss & Badassery Coaching” [The Pleasurable Art of living Turned on AND Thriving in a Sexy Threesome of Self, Wealth, & Relationships.], what you get in my programs, and with my coaching methodology, are what I call a series of breakthroughs that will move your Lifestyles &/Relationships/Careers faster than you would on your own. Expect to get a lot of these as well as the resources and systems you’ve been looking for and haven’t found until now. That’s what you’re investing in, results, the confidence to raise your Wealth Mindset, more confidence in general, and deeper connections of Self, Wealth & Relationships.

There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained here, not just financially!

Kat, based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, I know you’re the one I want to learn from. What are my options for getting started with you?

Congratulations on making the decision to set yourself up for success! Whoo hoooo babe! I celebrate you! I’m so stoked to adventure & explore together!

The best way to work with me is in my Signature Program ​ “Mastery of Boss & Badassery Coaching” [The Pleasurable Art of living Turned on AND Thriving in a Sexy Threesome of Self, Wealth, & Relationships.]

Here are just some of the results you can expect…

  • Designing a lifestyle and relationships that you don’t need a vacation from
  • Raise your prices/ asking for raises without guilt or fear
  • Prioritize yourself guilt-free so that you can be of better service to others
  • Call in awesome people into your life who adore you and value you & your time
  • Have more free time and money to travel and do the things you really love to do
  • Feel amazing, confident and at home in your body with more energy
  • Live your full potential of being the best Lover/parent/friend/service-provider you know you can be AND have better quality time spent with them
  • Build conscious & juicy relationships with yourself, your body & your Wealth Mindset
  • Feel free & at home in your body!
  • Live your best life
  • feel fulfilled in being the person you want to be, not just who everyone else told you you should be

OK, I’m ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions. How do I connect with you?

AMAZEBALLS!! Sounds like you’re ready to be pulled into your future! Yes, if you have a couple of questions, just email me at or from my contact page HERE and we can set up a time to call.

I’ll be happy to walk you through the different options to see which one will be the very best for you. I can’t wait to see you succeed and am honoured to be the one to guide & support you!

Welcome to the party!

Let’s begin the adventure!

The Wildness in Me Honours the Wildness in You,