About Kat!

Hey, allow me to introduce myself:

I’m Kat!

A Transformational Coach specializing in Sex & Lifestyle.

I work with Badass Boss Babes & Busy Modern Couples! I teach the Art of Pleasurable Art of Living Turned-On AND Thriving in a Sexy Threesome of Self, Wealth & Relationships.

I have been a hairstylist for over 15 years. Several years ago I began to feel a calling for a deeper dimension of transformation while having powerful, heart-felt conversations with my fav clients. When I finally couldn’t deny this pulling at my soul or ignore my heart’s desires any longer, I sold everything and traveled halfway around the world on an adventure of a lifetime to answer the call!

I grew up in the Yukon, Canada- with my magically imaginative mother who was a costume designer and child event coordinator. She inspired me at a young age to work on my personal development, lean into my creativity, and took me traveling all over the world! It’s no wonder that I grew up to be an artist who still loves to play dress-up, goes to awesome festivals, teaches personal development in a unique and creative way, and wanderlusts many globe-trotting adventures of my own!

I also met the love of my life exactly how I had always imagined.. while traveling halfway around the world! Now we live on Canada’s beautiful Sunshine Coast- with my loving Husband, weekend-warrior Step-son, and our family furball.

For years I have taken many personal development courses, logged many hours reading self-help and personal growth books, and had been a long-time yogi before I realized that I could put them together! I could be of service to leaving the world a better place than I found it, AND create my dream job. That I can continue to travel AND still empower really badass people!

I discovered that I could use it all to help others to design a lifestyle ( and relationships) that they didn’t need a vacation from(Just like me!). To save them all the mistakes that cost me a lot, and in general, all of the f*cking around I had to do to get to where I am at today! Once I decided this was the life I desired and that I was fucking around no longer – I hired a business coach, jumped two feet in, and participated in one of the most intense and transformational trainings I have ever experienced! Then, I added in my personal & business experience, years of personal development, and wrapped it into one delicious package for you!

Listen, I have been there, and back again: The good, the bad, the ugly, the magnificent! I have failed miserably and I have succeeded… back and forth, repeatedly, and through all of this I have found SO MUCH POWER in The Pleasurable Art of  Living Turned-On AND Thriving in a Sexy Threesome of Self, Wealth & Relationships and why this is such a Badass Boss Babe & Modern Couple must have!


Here is a taste of some tools and experience I am bringing to the table:

(but definitely not limited to)


  • Professional Sex, Love & Relationship Training
  • Yoga, Meditation, & Breathwork techniques
  • Being in a very intentional, conscious, and emotionally intelligent marriage with the love of my life
  • Wealth & business mindset, Client-based business building, & raising prices
  • Many years of diving into empowerment/personal development, self-care/worth/confidence
  • Stress-reduction techniques & Healing burnout
  • Building delicious relationships with yourself, your lover, sex & money.

I have also:

  • Studied at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality with Layla Martin for over a year and a half on a program for Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaching.
  • Invested in several high-end coaching and business training programs, and I have participated in educational events with top industry professionals such as Tony Robbins, Jen Sincero, and John Gray, and many more!
  • Over 15 years experience in the Beauty Industry from the student, to stylist, educator, instructor, manager, owner & all of the in-between!
  • Completed two intensive 200 hr Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training certification programs. The first in Tantra Yoga in Goa India, and the second in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative Yoga in Vancouver, Canada.