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What are you waiting for??

Allow me to introduce myself and what I do!

I’m Kat & I am a Transformational Coach

Specializing in Sex & Lifestyle.

I haven’t always been though. I was a retired Stylist-turned-yogi, who traded salon life for globe-trotting adventures in search of answers. I felt a deeper calling beyond the physical level of transformation, and found myself stepping into the sexy side of the coaching world. This created a yummmmmmy trifecta of powerful transformations with Mind, Body, and Soul aligned.

Mix that with a silly, sassy, and badassy chick who is on a mission to inspire and empower…..KABLAMMO.

You get a Kat Wildling… at your service, here to kick ass and take names! To hold the torch for you and light the way as you step onto the Path of Sexy Self Discovery!

Wanna learn more about me? Click HERE!

I work with Badass Boss Babes AND Busy & Boss AF Modern Couples.

Step onto the Path of Sexy Self-Discovery to rock the lifestyle you deeply desire!

I will guide you through tools, techniques, rituals, and systems to support you in cultivating a sustainable lifestyle balance (work, personal & relationships).

We do this through exploring the Pleasurable Art of Living Turned-On & Thriving in a Sexy Threesome of Self/ Wealth/& Relationships!

  • Level-up your relationships (With yourself, your Lover, and others in your life!)
  • Explore lifehacks for efficiency (Work smarter not harder!)
  • Mindset shifts to upgrade your lifestyle!
  • Heal burnout and prioritize your self-care for once in your life!
  • Follow what lights you up
  • Bring to reality the lifestyle of your dreams.. you know, the one that you WON’T NEED A VACATION FROM!?

It’s time to give yourself permission to revel in the path of pleasure & live your best life!


Here are the best ways you can work with me:

How working together will revolutionize your life…

…I am inspired by the fact that there is so much power to be found in pleasure, it doesn’t always have to be the “path of purification”.

By this I mean: book after book after book after class after class after class, telling us we aren’t enough, to push harder, and set these unrealistic expectations from ourselves. We set the bar so high and then feel like shit when we are at ground zero… in our flip flops and summer gear, just staring up at the top of that Everest wayyyy up in the clouds like “well, fuck. Back to the drawing board”.

This is where I come in! My job is to take you by the hand as we explore and take on that Everest journey together, one foot in front of the other, and have some fun along the way!

It’s like personal training… for your mindset! We get really clear on WTF it is that you actually desire, come up with a badass, step-by-step plan!  Next, we break it down into juicy, bite-sized, digestible pieces that lean into pleasure as we dive in!

I keep you accountable and on track, and I am right there with you every step of the way, cheering you on while you kick-ass, take names, and show the world who’s the boss! (Spoiler alert… IT’S YOU!) We will keep it poppin’ like it’s hot in a sustainable way for long-term success.

I hold a chill and non-judgemental space as we follow desire, pleasure & turn-on to get those creative juices flowing in the direction you want to go!

Read more about my coaching style…

What’s it like to work with me?


We started out with Kat Wildling as a part of a small package that we won through an Instagram promo. We are a same-sex female couple and wanted some help with communication and simply keeping the fire alive.

Kat is amazingly approachable, sincere, and reliable. We think she is literally the best!

We have since continued our sessions with Kat since we find that we learn SO much in our video sessions and through the “Homeplay”; We communicate WAY better, we are able to understand each other better, and we now have tools to keep the desire alive. Kat Wildling has made our relationship not only stronger but more deeply connected.

We are given thought-out sessions, with readings [recommended reading] and Homeplay. The coaching has helped us grow together.. but also as two individual badass women and we greatly appreciate the support. We were surprised that Kat could empathize and actually relate with so many of the things we go through as a female couple.

10/10 would recommend Kat to anyone. Period. If you’re experiencing some miscommunication, want to spice things up, or even want to have a road map for navigating the future.. these are all things that Kat has been able to help us with on our journey.

Meagan S. & Nichelle F. - Calgary AB, Canada

Business Professionals

While working with Kat, I was comforted by her warm presence, felt extremely understood by her thoughtful reflections, felt very safe within her compassion and wisdom.
What surprised me the most was her ability to understand parenting dynamics.

I feel fortunate to know Kat and have Kat know me in a closer, intimate, more truthful way and to be able to see the purity of her heart in life and in her coaching offerings.
My favorite part of working with Kat was feeling like I had someone in my corner, on my team.

Kat is a phenomenal woman and coach! I have been coached by many people and Kat is among the most intelligent, caring, wise people I’ve worked with.  She will deliver the results you crave. I have no doubt saying that.

You are worth it.  Just do it. Trust me.
Kat is the bomb! 💣 ❤️

Caroline D-New York, New York USA

Magazine Publisher

My favourite part of working with Kat was her grace, acceptance, and encouragement. Before working together, I felt hopeless in my relationship. I Was finally able to let go, find self-worth and move forward with loving myself and not relying on my relationship to keep me feeling worthy. I learned valuable tools.

Kat is A truly wonderful person and a competent Coach. I would say that she helped me change my way of seeing myself and the world. Her guided visualization and voice were so beneficial and soothing; both helping me to surrender to the situation and move forward.

After working with Kat,  life is amazing. I have a clearer understanding of my needs and wants in a relationship.
It was through her guidance, encouragement, and support that I learned healthy tools to move forward with believing I am worthy of loving and a healthy, supportive relationship.
I am eternally grateful.

Logen-British Columbia, Canada